Sidewalk Chalk “There She Goes”

*applauds* at the depth and concept of the new video from Chicago collective Sidewalk Chalk. They make a statement to our invasion of privacy and distrust of the media in an exciting, storytelling visual. I’ll let the band give you the proper premise that you should read as you press play above.

*Tibs Fav.

“In “There She Goes,” Rico Sisney (MC) and Maggie Vagle (Vocalist) take on the persona of the NSA and attempt to convince you that it is a good thing that your data is being collected, your photos analyzed and your whereabouts recorded. This is not just because it keeps you “safe,” but because you like it better this way.

The new video builds on this theme and further examines the idea of being trapped by media and fed lies. When a young woman is kidnapped, she has to tear herself away from the screen and see beyond the message that she is “trapped” in order to find her way out. In the end it is simple, but when one mind is freed another is always in tow.”

h/t OKP

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