Stan Sono “Rewind” (Music Video)

Earlier this month, I put it out there that Stan Sono is the “next big singer to come out of Chicago,” upon the drop of his debut single “Rewind”.

Almost 200K plays on Soundcloud alone, and a Wiz Khalifa co-sign along the way, and that statement feels less and less of a bold one. Naturally, after having one of the month’s hottest viral singles, Stan ends the month with the release of the single’s video… which… and I love when artists execute this… gives the single a deeper meaning.

It’s a brilliant piece of storytelling, brought to life by director Rick Wayne, his Underscore Films team, and Stan Sono‘s team, as credited… at the beginning of the video. Yup, there are some natural rewind effects throughout the video as the credits speeding backwards sets the tone. This isn’t tacky though as thankfully, the whole video isn’t played in “Rewind”. The balance is perfect as we get to see the story develop between Stan Sono and his female lead. Pretty soon, you’ll see that amidst the beautiful Malibu setting, this video ranges into different generations.

I won’t spoil the exact twists and turns that occur throughout the latter third of the cinematic video, but hopefully that sentence alone intrigues you to find out. (Then watch it again, because there’s some subtle details you’ll catch on second, third viewing…)

The larger point, in regards to all artists and music videos: a video can extend or tell a completely unexpected story than just listening to the audio alone. That *light bulb moment* feeling, just as a fan, is a powerful one and it’s one that’s always refreshing to see accomplished. Watching a video like “Rewind” in regards to the bigger picture for all artists is two parts inspiring and depressing. Depressing because it’s hard to think of these types of videos off the top; instead, the videos that come to mind are the simple rapping to the camera in front of a crew, car, or city skyline. The looks are cool more often than not, sure, but it adds very little depth. Videos like these are inspiring because it makes me think of other storytelling visuals that I can go on a long YouTube run of appreciating. That list can go on forever, but you can just start pretty much anywhere with Kanye West’s videography if you need an example.

Alas… that’s the larger point. TL;DR: Artists, make more videos that have an unpredictable story like this one. Watch and discover!

If you liked “Rewind” too, pre-order Stan Sono’s debut album, Infatuated, out February 3rd, here. (Shoutout Billboard on the premiere.)

Sidebar: We’re editing our Gowhere You Love Podcast episode with Stan Sono this weekend. Get to know what he actually looks like above, and then what he’s actually about, sometime next week.