Stephen “Crossfire”

Saving the best for last today with my favorite art piece from any artist to come out this week: L.A.-based singer Stephen’s new storytelling visual for “Crossfire”. I raved about the audio when it came out, and to date, it’s my favorite new record from Stephen. The video plays like a cinematic movie and brings the message to an extra, deeper level.

It’s really an excellent, poignant, and thought-provoking reflection of society, as played out in the chilly Chicago winter — a setting for a scene that plays out involving a white, armed police officer. I’ll let it unfold for you and interpret what the blindfolds mean. You’ll be enthralled from the beginning all the way through to the end so press play and be on the lookout for Stephen’s debut album, Sincerely, coming soon.


Stephen says of the video for “Crossfire”: “There is a cultural misconception that tragedies require the assignment of blame. Who’s fault was it? Who’s the bad guy? We only see the aftermath and yet we make up our minds without ever seeing the events leading up.

“I don’t believe it’s ever this simple, so we created a video that would reveal the complexity of one of today’s most controversial and frequent tragedies.”

Director Carlos Reyes adds: “Once I was sure I wanted to tell this story, it was immediately obvious that if I was going to have an innocent man being caught in the literal crossfire of a police officer’s gun, that I needed to contextualize it within a world.

“I needed to bring in other characters, who else is affected by this issue? It could so easily feel a like a forced commentary on racism and police brutality, even potentially feel exploitative or opportunistic. These tragedies don’t occur in a vacuum.

“What followed was an attempt at anchoring the story around our initial concept while introducing other elements and themes the song also provokes and incorporating them within our framework.”

(via Independent)