The Weeknd ‘M A N I A’ (Short Film)

Earlier today, The Weeknd premiered a new 12 minute short film M A N I A.

If you’re one of the many who caught it by now, you probably know of the gripping tale of the video, on top of the four new tracks that are previewed and premiered. That’s on top of the two new cuts “Party Monster” and “I Feel It Coming” f/ Daft Punk that are a scant five days old.

I’m into those two tracks a lot and all of the above as well. I particularly love the stark transitions from track to track to help tell the story. It’s actually a fitting soundtrack too as we follow The Weeknd into the club and into the bloody mess thereafter. Victoria’s Secret model Anais Mali is the perfect female lead here too and the overall look and feel of this film is made more on point by her presence. How about this starting out with the black panther from the “Starboy” music video too? What are the deeper meanings on that, and in general in Mania? Good stuff above as we look forward to the album’s release on Thanksgiving night, at midnight.

Plus, an interview to come too…