Throwdown Throwback: A$AP Rocky Fight at SXSW 2012

Reviving #TBT or in my case Throwdown Throwback, I’m throwing it back with a clip featuring A$AP Rocky and his crew at SXSW 2012. Although this clip does include partial violence and violence is of course not always the answer, props are definitely deserved as they held their own against 300+ people. And yes, this clip and event is old as shit but come on now, I can’t channel that #TBT for nothing right?

This is one of my favorite videos roaming the YouTube sphere. Why? Cause shit is so ridiculous! From shit being stolen aka green rangs to A$AP Rocky using his “weak bitch” deductive skills to sort out the crowd, SXSW 2012 was too entertaining and had too many hood ass moments to not at least appreciate. But most of all this clip just shows how legit A$AP and his crew are in the music industry. How many people can say they got boys like that? You know, the ones that still keep it real and got your back? Help you rise to success? Help you promote your album? Man… let you “hold” a dollar when your ass was hungry at McDonalds? Not many. And with zero bullshit, A$AP Mob handled it like how they would with or without the fame…with their boys always on their side. And for that I give them props.

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