Twenty88 ‘Out of Love’ (Short Film)

04.08.16: We all knew a visual was comin’ as Sean & Jhene premiered a few teasers as the first announcement of Twenty88. Since then the two dropped their collab album and put down a great performance on Kimmel, this time last week. Tonight, they go to TIDAL once again to premiere their 15-minute short film Out of Love. I’m naturally intrigued by the storyline given the album’s themes, their undeniable chemistry overall, and also Jhene’s fire orange wig.


UPDATE: As you can see above, the short film is now available everywhere on VEVO. I also gave this a close watch and really appreciated the story unfold. It’s a very engaging way to bring the album to life and give new meaning to it at the same time. Sean and Jhene play a star couple in an alternate reality in the not too distant future. We see them play out situations like “2 Minute Warning” in the bedroom and “Talk Show” while actually on a talk show. My favorite scene was probably the action scene where Sean and Jhene let their personal issues spill onto the set where they have to be a couple. The subtitles is a nice way to add some dialogue on top of “Selfish” as the musical background. (Shouts to director Lawrence Lamont.)

Stay tuned through the end for a twist ending and commentary on the whole theme of the album. I enjoyed that closure to the short film too and after watching it, I grew an even greater appreciation of the music as well as the ups and downs of relationships. It’s well-worth your time, much like the album already was.

*Tibs Fav.