Marina Lofts Revealed – Fort Lauderdale

In a bonus spotlight on architecture this week comes the newly revealed plans for Marina Lofts by architects, BIG. This innovative design will take construction by December of this year along Fort Lauderdale’s downtown riverfront.

The glaring, iconic aspect of the design is clearly the exterior’s split. I love the illusion that this building looks like a Transformer fought through it, and as you can see with the photos above, the space underneath the “crack” is part of the pedestrian-friendly activity of the complex.

The project fills the gap in the waterfront of Downtown Fort Lauderdale stitching the existing fragments of promenade together into a new and revitalized river park adding density and life to the scenic setting. The two buildings are torn open to form a cave and a canyon –opening up for the neighborhood to reach the river . A design made through subtraction rather than addition.

– Bjarke Ingels, Founding Partner, BIG.

The mixed-use complex will house apartments, restaurants, and retail. My only knock is that on the close-ups of the balconies, my first thought was our white Ikea bookshelf at the office. From far away though, it doesn’t have that feel.

And no doubt that next time I go to Miami, I’ll be flying into Fort Lauderdale first. What do you guys think of the design? Rate it below!

More info via ArchDaily

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