The love/hate week for many of Chicago’s restaurant staff is coming up.  Fresh new line up of $22 prix fixe lunch and $33/$44 dinner menus offered from February 1-10, 2013.  I encourage you to take that extended lunch or excessively fancy dinner during the week because you can!

To find the full list of restaurants and reservations check out OpenTable!

These choices were my close contenders (mainly because I’m not made out of money and had to narrow my choices for my bank accounts & shoe collection’s sake). See my first round picks and continue with my second round picks! I hope you find your new favorite spot in the city!

Srirachana’s Picks Round Two with fine musical pairing!

 photo courtesy Time Out Magazine

pairs well with Rihanna, Lemme Get That

Allium, Gold Coast.  The revamped space inside the Four Seasons Chicago, cleaned up quite well.  Though still pricey, Kevin Hickey, head chef, breathed new life into the menu. The old restaurant was old school, and I mean old school. Way past #TBT status, they served petite fours and all (though that will be missed). The new joint’s kitchen knows what their doing! The food is modern, upbeat, but definitely not too gimmicky. The reason why I can hold off on this is because for all of the month of January, their three-course value offered through the month of January. With their Anti-New Year’s Resolution January menu, they couldn’t haven’t gotten more modern than that. I personally would like to highlight their high end all you can eat FRIED CHICKEN TUESDAYS. Splurge from your waistline and not from your wallet with three course prix fixe, extra entrée helpings, and fancy schmancy drink pairings including Spiked Sweet Tea.  Lemme Get (some of) that!

photo courtesy of NYT Travel

pairs best with TLC, Creep

 Balsan at the Waldorf Astoria Chicago, Gold Coast. This sister restaurant to the famed EPIC, also in the Waldorf, gives you that Crazy, Sexy Cool vibe with their unique American Contemporary Bistro fare.  The chefs pay attention to every detail on your plate and every micro detail to flavor.  There is a certain American “sensibility” and luxury at your fingertips.  I’m surprised to see this on the restaurant week list this year – a definite must try!  The hotel itself is a stylish celeb filled haven. (Ahem – I met T.I. & Marlon Wayans here and had the best meal in my life at Ria with my boo- I might be a little sentimental).  Though after morning the short lived and highly respected Ria, (the partners after two years are trying new adventures), the Waldorf still boasts the Balsan.  May the Waldorf forever transcend Luxury Hotel Dining!

photo courtesy of Belly Q

pairs exceptionally with Drake, Thank Me Now

Belly QWest Town.  Brought to you by the brains behind Belly Shack and Urban Belly, Chef Bill Kim’s new concept restaurant brings your season Asian BBQ utilizing local ingredients and a definite jump above regular chinatown roasted meats.  Tradditional yet new, the combination pops in your mouth. I have to admit I was hesistant at first.  I personally don’t care for Asian fusion or different reinventions of Momofuku’s pork belly buns.  My belly is very happily suprised! Your taste buds can just thank me now. You’re welcome.