Chicago Cubs announce Wrigley Field Restoration Plan

This weekend at Cubs Convention, the team announced a $300 million dollar renovation plan for the Friendly Confines at Wrigley Field. The five-year plan will bring the amenities for fans and players to 21st-century standards.

This is great news for any Cubs fan and anyone who appreciates the iconic landmark of Wrigley Field. After rumors for years that they would build another Wrigley Field, it looks like that won’t be an option anymore after the Ricketts family funds the five-year renovation (that will also not be under construction during the seasons, so that won’t be an issue either).

I’ve been privileged to work at Wrigley as… fun fact!… a seat vendor back in my high school days. Going to the ballpark everyday never got old – it truly is a magical feeling in Wrigley and I couldn’t be happier that they’re putting in the investment to renovate a stadium that means just as much to others so that future generations can enjoy the Friendly Confines as well. Take a look at all 20 of the concept illustrations in the slideshow above (creating illustrations like these was one of my favorite things in architecture school), and, as with most any Cubs news I may post from time to time here on Gowhere, shoutout to Papa Tibs for passing this along (viaBleed Cubbie Blue).