The Dream SXSW Pad: Edgeland House

The next SXSW may be 11 months away, but I just found the next #TeamGowhere dream pad: the Edgeland House.

My newest Architecture spotlight takes us to Austin, Texas, where the Bercy Chen Studio recently completed this… well, it’s too obvious but still… edgy design in 2012. The clear aesthetic distinctions are the jagged, acute angles and the floor to ceiling windows — both are typical characteristics of a *Tibs Fav.. I also love the divide between the two buildings, which reminds me of one of the innovative moves I saw early in my discovery of architecture. The open space between two structures within one is well-executed, perhaps best seen in the lead photo.

A couple fun facts: “The Edgeland residence is commissioned by a science fiction writer enthralled with 21st century human habitation in the urban frontiers of abandoned industrial zones,” and “is inspired by the vernacular of the “pit house”, one of the oldest housing typology in North America used by Native Americans through the ages.”  This only adds to the house’s story and technical inspirations, further described here.

What do you think of this house??