Soundset 2013 [Recap]

Can’t believe a whole week has gone by since Rhymesayers Entertainment held it down in Minnesota with their annual Soundset festival. A festival which in my opinion is one of the more entertaining festivals to go to each year. That mainly due to the amount of activity taking place inside Canturbery Park. It’s literally the Hip Hop culture down to the tee. You got some of the biggest names in Hip Hop holding it down on several stages mixed with an array of beautiful cars lined up for the car show, and a live view of some of the more respected (street)artists in the game throwing down on an Ironlak sponsored P wall. You can bet that you’ll be instore for a great time if the climate works in your favor.

Unfortunately for me…the weather didn’t play nice this year. 2013 forced out the jackets and hoodies as a cold and gloomy atmosphere took over pretty much the entire day. Still that wasn’t going to slow down or stop anyone from having a good time. So I made my rounds from end to end exploring, observing, and listening. This year I was fortunate enough to have caught a bit of every artist I was most looking forward to seeing take the stage. A hand full of them putting on a great set. Artists like Juicy J and Joey Bada$$ were among the few talents who kept a hype crowd. Other acts like Schoolboy Q and Mac Miller lost a few of us throughout their set.

Juicy J pretty much lived up to the performance I expected out of him. He kept his character and really got the crowd turned up performing hit records such as “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” and Three 6 Mafia classics like “Stay Fly.” Artists Joey Bada$$, Dizzy Wright, and A$AP Ferg were among some of the more impressive acts, who much like Juicy J kept me in tune throughout their entire sets. It’s too bad I can’t say the same about Mac Miller or Schoolboy Q who both lost me and a crowd of others throughout each of their sets. In my opinion Mac is just a terrible performer and Schoolboy Q just had his tracking all out of wack. I don’t know about y’all….but I expect every performer to come with the hype and keep every fan engaged at an event as big as Soundset.

Overall I’d give the Rhymesayers crew a thumb and a half up for putting on yet another well executed fest. Their issues with press check in keeps the other half of the thumb however. Seemed as if they had quite a handful of issues in that department. Next year is another year though. I look forward to returning each May for several years to come. I only see this festival getting bigger and bigger as each year goes by.

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