Real T@lk “Happy” [Teaser]

For as popular as Pharrell‘s feel-good single “Happy” has become, I have yet to hear a remix. My eyebrows raised in curiosity upon hearing that one of my favorite Chicago lyricists Real T@lk has one in the works. And my eyebrows raised even higher when he revealed that he has 56 straight bars, providing the clever hashtag #56BarsofHappiness. Above is a quick 15 second teaser of some of the stellar bars of the 56. I’ve gotten the preview of the full song and it’s already replacing the original in my playlist. Looking forward to sharing it with you all when the “Happy” remix officially drops next week, 02.13.

If you pressed play, you’re probably dying to hear the original again. So I’m bringing back the Golden State Warriors music video edition of “Happy” featuring their all-star Steph Curry, ha!