Fleaux ‘Like Water: Volume I’

I just want to innovate and stimulate minds.
Travel the world and penetrate the times.
Escape through rhythms in search of peace and wisdom.

Don’t those words just flow like water? That’s exactly what Fleaux (pronounced the same) is all about.

I know this because I’ve had a chance to build with the new Chicago (by way of Ohio) producer since last fall. Every time I’ve gotten a chance to talk with him, I’ve learned even more about his versatile taste and artistry. This project is a continuation of that as everything we have vibed about is illustrated in the new instrumental mixtape below, Like Water: Volume I.

Right from the press of the play button, Fleaux sets a smooth and chill tone with some soothing instrumentals that instantly doubled as a motivating work soundtrack. I personally work well to instrumentals and I found my new go-to with Like Water: Volume I. The versatility and potential are on display as you progress through the well-designed 40 minute project. I suggest you give it a shot in the background today and find out more about Fleaux over at his equally well-designed website: fleaux.biz.

To top it off, producing isn’t the only thing Fleaux is perfecting — I’ve gotten an early preview of his rap debut, featured on an upcoming release by fellow Chicagoan S-Preme. Can’t wait for that one to hit the public ear, but for now, we’ll let this one flow…

*Tibs Fav.