Real T@lk “Happy (Remix)” #56BarsofHappiness

I left Pharrell’s words and energy on there. I wanted folks to hear what I heard and then add to it with an educational twist. It’s not about me shining, but paying homage…more than anything, I would like this to reach the eyes and ears of the youth to inspire them, connect with the masses and serve as a catalyst for positivity while using Hip-Hop as a tool. I am OTHER.


I’m digging this one off the concept alone — one that you’ll see and hear was well-executed as well. Real T@lk takes Pharrell‘s feel-good smash hit “Happy” and adds his own artistic twist on it — first emceeing an additional 56 bars straight and then adding a story to it with the video above. He links up with the Emmy-award winning and good friend of Gowhere’s, Dartise, to deliver the video that places Real T@lk as a teacher rapping for his students. That drives home Real T@lk’s goal of using the positive messages in hip hop lyrics to educate our youth.

Intermixed with the teacher and his students is Real T@lk at work, and even as a custodian, dancing all along while rapping. In fact, the energy from Pharrell’s 24 hour video is sustained through everybody’s dancing in the classroom and on the steps. It’s really hard not to feel happy when watching this as we all get a new option to enjoy “Happy” with some impressive raps over 56 (!) bars. It’s definitely something worth mentioning again.

At the end of the day, “Happy” is an uplifting anthem for the people and Real T@lk saw that, flipped it creatively, and resonated the song’s message with more depth like looking at happiness as a choice. We can all derive something from that and focus on ourselves to be more happy in our lives. Thanks Real T@lk and Dartise for emanating that in a direct way with this new video — a video I hope Pharrell receives. After all, it is addressed to him at the beginning. Enjoy!


View the lyrics and download the song below.