NBA All-Star Game Highlights

All-Star Weekend concluded last night with the main event: the NBA All-Star Game that saw an Eastern Conference 18 point comeback for a 163-155 victory. The East had a variety of contributors from LeBron of course, to Carmelo‘s record-setting 8 3-pointers, to Joakim Noah‘s clap-at-the-other-guy, intense defense (sweet that he played the 4th), and none better than the game’s MVP of Kyrie Irving who had 31 points and 14 assists (24 points in the 2nd half) and robbed Pharrell’s Red Hat of the honors along the way.

You know we had to hit you with some recap videos. Above is the game recap ICYMI. Below, a Phantom Cam rundown of Kyrie’s best plays (the scoop on Anthony Davis and clowning of Dwight Howard being my favorite), an all-star weekend top 10 rundown (Arne Duncan‘s pass and Steph‘s split the D also being a favorite there), and finally, why Benny The Bull is the all-star of mascots.

Oh… and one more…