Kid Cudi on Arsenio

UPDATE: Above, we first have Kid Cudi‘s magnetic performance of “Internal Bleeding”. He got the special treatment on the Arsenio stage with the added smoke to the empty space for Cudi to just croon deeply into the mic. I loved the transition to the second verse especially as Cudi not only sounds as raw as the studio recording, but also added some harmonies in this bridge.

Below, is his very interesting interview where he criticizes hip hop for not pushing the culture forward, passionately describes why he makes music, and even cites his influence on Drake.


[On hip hop]  I think the bragadouchio, money, cash, hoes thing needs to be deaded. Thats holding us back as a culture.

My mission statement since day one. All I wanted to is help kids not feel alone and stop kids from committing suicide.

Oh, and there’s one more quotable people are going to get riled up about… (but don’t… watch the clip below and you’ll see it’s not a shot…)

Arsenio: “If you chose to rap about the stuff you have it would be a nice little diddy”
Kid Cudi: “There would be no Drake.”


Kid Cudi on the set of Entourage with Russell Wilson, Jeremy Piven, & Doug Ellin (Pics)

Kid Cudi “Hero” f/ Skylar Grey (off the ‘Need For Speed’ soundtrack)

***One last bonus video via Arsenio’s Instagram… Cudi graciously thanking the crowd #realness


h/t Dat New Cudi