Taj Gibson putback dunk vs. Pacers

The highlight from last night? How about Taj-ey Woo! as his Bulls teammates call him, throwin’ it down with this vicious putback dunk. Basically a poor man’s version of the putback dunk vs. the Heat, combined with his reaction after the Wade poster here. This entire sequence above encapsulated another hard-fought victory for our Bulls over our rival, the Pacers.

One other amazing highlight from last night: Kevin Durant‘s double crossover on Darrell Arthur. Whoo. That’s up there for cross of the year.

And finally, one more bonus video that I just caught wind of… Gerald Green‘s 41 point performance vs. the Thunder… in NBA Jam. Now, there’s other NBA Jam videos out there, but I haven’t seen one better than this. Gerald’s mix of threes and dunks adhere more naturally to NBA Jam, and the effect they put on for the dunk was flawless. Enjoy!

Oh, and if you were wondering, the artwork as the thumbnail via @H00Pinati (sick):