Matthew Santos “Second Chances”

Checking in with Matthew Santos, we’re happy to see and hear some new music from the singer who undoubtedly gained the ear of hip hop heads with his features with Lupe Fiasco, now 8 years ago. I’ve been following Santos’ career since and have seen a consistent quality set of new releases, specifically with an acoustic guitar. In fact, many of his live shows are just him and guitar — much like in this new video above.

Where this stands apart is that it is an impromptu performance at Worcester Cathedral recorded entirely on an iPhone 5. Fire this up in 1080p HD and you’ll see the eloquent cathedral feeling in the background as Santos sings a soft song called “Second Chances”. The acoustics of a church, let alone, an empty church are superb, and consequently, the perfect compliment for Santos to strum the strings and boom his voice when appropriate. My favorite part of the song: the “is it love?” post 2 minutes. All in all, “Second Chances” is an easy *Tibs Fav. and a preview of Matthew Santos’ upcoming project, Into The Further, due out Fall of this year.