Lounge at eye level to this pool

Pool design has always fascinated me. I love seeing the relationship of water and lounging placement further enhancing the general fun and relaxation of pools to begin with. The possibilities are endless and this particular example caught my eye on my Instagram feed tonight. I immediately transplanted myself on one of those couches and imagined my eye level matching that of the water. Can you imagine that too?

The source? None other than GLC (henceforth the #ism hashtag). He mixes in design photos with a variety of unrelated comical ones; plus, photos with the many artists and fans he links up with. Needless to say, the Chicago veteran is a fun follow on IG. Perhaps he can help out on the location of this pool?

An unrelated, bonus Instagram find below happens to parallel one of the many themes I’m currently reading in Phil Jackson‘s latest book, Eleven Rings. Via #TeamGowhere’s MiniMaxX, I thought this was worth the quick share as well: