Saint Millie “Road To Glory: The Documentary” [Trailer]

Saint Millie has been one of the most humble emcees I have had an opportunity to meet and I am very happy for the big moves he’s been making on the behalf of his career. I am also very happy that RedEye Chicago has been working with the virtuous Treated Crew soldier on what will be the “Road To Glory: The Documentary”. More from RedEye Chicago below in relation to this series. The series begins this upcoming Wednesday, we’ll be updating you on this Saintly series.

From RedEye Chicago:

The Chicago music scene is crowded. It’s gritty. It’s completely unforgiving. But one rap artist from the westside of the city refuses to give up. When he’s gutpunched, he pops back up. Time and time again.

Introducing Saint Millie, a 22-year-old musician who believes he is living his “road to glory.” Watch the young artist on his journey, from Chicago to Austin for the South by Southwest Music Festival.

A 3-man team (Sean Ely, Lenny Gilmore, Ernest Wilkins) at RedEye followed Saint Millie and his small entourage around for a couple months with a camera.

This is a snippet of the April 23 release of “Road to Glory: The Documentary” starring Saint Millie himself.

See it all at: