Joey Purps @ Double Door: CIMMFest’s Closed Sessions 5.3.14

So ya girl been slacking. After weeks of being in an odd uninspired musical limbo, I knew my ass had to do something Friday night. The move? CIMMFest’s Closed Sessions Showcase at Double Door. Shout out to WhoDough who came through with the music events and put me out of my music funk.

Hosted by Closed Sessions, the event featured names like Exile, Dally Auston, Joey Purps, ShowYouSuck, and Alex Wiley. While all these artists put on a great show, my personal favorite was Joey Purps aka Indigo Purple aka that Saint Alfred x Stussy model.


A definite highlight of the night, Joey Purps was hyped from the start. With his dynamic stance and ability to vibe with the crowd, he had the whole crowd listening, appreciating, and moving to his every word. Props definitely needs to be given not only for his clear talent but his overall stage presence. Rarely do you see a performer actually PERFORM and feel comfortable with just well, being themselves. Most of all Purps has TASTE. Something that can be seen in both his performances and the level of detail he puts in his music. Both embody the level of passion, sense of taste, and realness that a lot of music lacks. Lucky for us, real artists are still coming up in Chicago.

*Special shout out to Towkio and his luxury ass hair bun for coming through on stage. No lie though, your hair be on some other level of grandness, b.*

Conclusion? Watch out for him. Though he’s been hot on the music scene for a while along with his crew Save Money, this guy still continues to bring us some versatile shit. With Summer ’14 coming through, Chicago needs to come correct for whatever Joey Purps and his crew have in store.

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