Nikki Lynette “Sometimes”

Sometimes I don’t wanna be alone..

Combat any late night loneliness blues with the new single from Nikki Lynette “Sometimes”, off her upcoming EP, Respect My Disrespect. The versatile Chicago artist goes R&B for this one, revealing a story that we can all relate to when we feel alone and/or vulnerable.

The video is a special collaboration with Rolling Stone Magazine’s Music Video School at the New York Film Academy as Nikki worked with a team of directors (Andy Buckland, Marcus Claessen, Serge Concepts, Jonathan Gasca, Trent Love, Jake Sarno, Vagner Shimamoto, & Alex Ventling). The visuals contributed to the mood of the song with a few floating objects interspersed between the camera and Nikki. Whether it’s falling flower petals or balloons, it works.

Give it a watch above, then, if you read this far, also note all of the baddassย GIF-worthy moments you’ll undoubtedly catch if you look for ’em. Can we get some “Sometimes” GIFs now?

*Tibs Fav.