Cam Be + Josh Free “Destination Happiness”

The present is a gift what do you call the past?
So many chasin’ cash while I’m pursuin’ change
It’s comin’ out my blood man you see it’s not in vein
Zion train arrivin’, but I think I’m driving
Whether you walkin’, runnin’, or ridin’ I hope you find in your..
Destination Happiness

That’s how Cam Be concludes the second and concluding verse to his new collab with Josh Free “Destination Happiness”. This feel-good, thought-provoking record is premiered through this new Camovement music video that shows Josh and Cam rhyming to the camera amidst the limitless space of outer space. As a result, the effects are cool, yet don’t take away from the words as Josh and Cam (in that order) put down some intelligent depth in their verses. Shelby Obleton features and Jamaar J helps film the Cam Be-directed video — the second off the duo’s Be Free project.

Find in your Destination Happiness too and let the video above help inspire you!

*Tibs Fav.