Studio Gang’s NYC Solar Carve Tower

Studio Gang, the Chicago-based firm most noted for the beautiful Aqua building off of Randolph & Michigan, and their latest, innovative design β€” the ‘Solar Carve Tower’ in NYC is moving forward, but at a smaller scale than seen above. The beautiful office tower clocked in at 213-feet tall, 180,000 square feet. But, as another reminder that not all designs can get approved 100% of the time, the NYC Board of Standards finally approved a fourth application this week.

Though the tower in the rendering is 34% larger than the new, approved plans for the tower, I’m very much looking forward to what the new adjusted design will look like. Will the tower retain the same shape, more or less, just at a smaller height and width (like if you held the ‘shift’ button down and dragged the corner diagonally?) Or will the tower look vastly different altogether?

Apparently we won’t have to wait too long in the larger scheme of things as principal Jeanne Gang anticipates a 2015 completion:

This important decision will preserve the design and enhance the experience along the High Line for residents of New York and the greater community of visitors to the site. The Solar Carve Tower project is ongoing with an anticipated design completion in 2015.

h/t ArchPaper