Add-2 “Cassette Tapes (Slot-A Remix)”

It’s pretty sweet when you can just drop a couple remixes, seemingly on a whim. Slot-A was in a creative zone recently around a show in Indianapolis and the output is first this reinterpretation of an Add-2 lyrical gem “Cassette Tapes”. It’s all rhymes from Add and Slot puts down a chill, smooth 90s esque production behind it (the subtle chords strumming are my favorite). Easy must-listen and a reminder to anyone that the Jamla emcee can really go over your head.

*Tibs Fav.

BONUS: I indicated that this wasn’t the only one. Slot also flipped a vintage track from 50 Cent‘s prime “Get In My Car”. Two for the price of one, check it out below with Slot-A preppin’ a new beat tape soon.