Michael Jackson “Billie Jean” Talent Show

In high school, I would enjoy our pep rallies from the bleachers, wishing I could be a part of our football team running out to the court, going to State or that I was one of the cool kids who knew how to break dance to hip hop songs. So basically, I’m living vicariously through this guy.

In a viral video that’s garnered over 7Β million views in one day, this high schooler put on an amazing, flawless dance homage of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”. The moves are nearly identical to the legendary MJ at Motown in ’83.

Just stay tuned through the moonwalk (in both cases). The high schooler starts at 1:15. Just imagine if the production value was even more pro… and if the fellow high school students were on their feet. I would have been on my feet after the intro. At least the kid won the talent show. Pretty fun to watch on this fun Friday on Gowhere.