Iggy Azalea #1 and #2 on Billboard Hot 100

Iggy Azalea and The Beatles in the same sentence?

That’s right, this week the Grand Hustle Australian rapper makes history as she has both the #1 and #2 song in the country on the Billboard Hot 100, matching The Beatles by being the second act to have its first 2 songs 1, 2. Iggy’s solo single “Fancy” is #1 and her collaboration with Ariana Grande for “Problem” is #2 as the two songs unseat John Legend’s “All of Me”, who was #1 for 3 weeks. I’m not into the charts or numbers as much as I used to be, but when a milestone like this happens, I’m paying attention and congrats are certainly in order. Who woulda thought? Definitely would have been off on this if you told me Iggy Azalea would be #1 and #2 this time last year.