Curtis Williams X Eric Dingus “The Mister Lonely Ep” (Production Project)

Lately the “Two-9” lead man Curtis Williams has been making a lot of underground attention and has even been in extremely close contact with Wiz Khalifa, while being on Wiz’s new project “Trap Wiz” on the “How To Be Real” track. I have been very knowledgable on Curtis Williams for some time now by just staying up to date with his music and the whole Two-9 movement. This past week I had the chance to fly down to Nashville Tennessee, and sit in on a video shoot with Curtis and watch him perform a few minute set at a show. I will have a more in depth write up on that coming soon.

This new production project with Curtis and Eric is good to see since they have kept things behind the scenes for some time, now it is promising to finally see what kind of production project they put out together and I really enjoyed the fact they featured Curtis and some of the other members of the gang on the tape. In my opinion their production quality and sound is next level and unique. Two-9 has it, be ready for more production from them as well. A member of Curtis’s personal brand “PTA” (Pass The Ammo) Dylan Tran is a producer for the ages, I have been in close contact with him since the beginning of the year and he has so much to offer, he has a sound that nobody has heard before and he knows what he is doing. I will have articles on these guys coming from all different sites, so I will keep highly updated on all of their material.