Mic Torrance “Brock” (Official Vide)

Illinois emcee Mic Torrance got together with his videographer and decided to throw some raw shit out there. I have been noticing Mic for a while and I have been seeing progression in his entire movement. Box Head Mafia is his crew and I have really seen all of them keep moving forward as a whole, from shows to songs to videos. Scoot is Box Heads videographer and I really appreciate the fact that he throws whatever he wants on the videos but keeps it very natural and with the flow of things for whatever video he decides to shoot. ┬áThe track was produced by Dexxter Douglas, and he used the right sounds to let Mic really speak his shit. Mic even addressed the topic that when his latest video “Car Alarms” hit 10k views, it was banned. Mic really shows the passion through his music and every visual, he’s a good dude too.