Angie Martinez joins Power 105.1

Whoa! It’s true, it’s true. After speculation stemming from a smiley face emoji after Angie Martinez’s shocking announcement that she’s resigning from Hot 97 yesterday that she’s jumping to the station’s NYC rival, Power 105, The Breakfast Club today confirms the move.


Says Angie:

I want to thank, Thea Mitchem, Tom Poleman and Doc Wynter for this incredible opportunity. I’m excited to join Power 105.1 in New York and The Beat in Miami and expand my brand even further in the coming months.

I know it’s not that serious, and I’m genuinely intrigued to hear Angie in the new 2-6pm time slot on Power 105, but can we get Angie’s face superimposed over Hulk Hogan (with Charlamagne and Angela Yee as Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, Miss Info as the ref, and Rosenberg as the Macho Man.)

Again, I know it’s not that serious; it’s been all love from Hot 97. I just still think this is funny and there needs to be a hip hop version, ha!

EDIT: Our own @5ABIOmatic corrects/strengthens my analogy.