Charlotte Hornets new jerseys

I, like many of my fellow 90s kids, am excited about the return of the Charlotte Hornets as the Bobcats are officially no longer for the upcoming season. Today, the franchise and the NBA revealed the new Hornets jerseys above.

As a design, uniform, and typography geek, I have mixed feelings. The color scheme is instantly a hit, yet the numbers are too large and the font a little distracting and futuristic. The uniforms continue to strive toward a new, modern identity and I get that, but only to a point. I would prefer to see some middle ground that connects to the classic jerseys more closely, especially in font.


Having said that, it’s still so nice to see the teal and purple back and I have no doubt the uniforms will play out better on the court, especially when the color scheme is mixed into some Jordan Brand kicks. After all, the details on the jerseys are on point too (just missing those off-color pinstripes, ha!)

In related NBA design revealing news today, the Houston Rockets revealed a sneak peak at their secondary logo below. Weird to see it as ‘HR’ and I’m curious how ‘HOU’ would look in a similar style.