Nick Astro “Scarlett Johansson”

Scarlett Johansson. By the opinions of many men around the world: the sexiest woman on the planet. Which is why you may do a double take at the title of Nick Astro‘s latest visual short film. “Scarlett Johansson” was in fact Astro’s single this time last summer, and one of his top-tier tracks that I mentioned when the trailer premiered not too long ago.

For the video, Nick largely ignores the stereotypical rap video and even the song itself (hence the audio here).

Instead, it’s a 6 minute short film style story where Nick, who self-directed the video, plays a janitor at a photo studio amidst a photoshoot of the striking Jessenia Acevedo, photographed by Kellen Winters (whattup Kels!). The scenes that ensue are one part unexpected and one part hilarious. *Tibs Fav. on the well-executed creativity on display above. Lookout for Nick Astro’s LightSkinWithThatAfro EP with all-new tunes this summer.

And if by chance you feel robbed that the actual Scarlett Johansson is not in the video… umm, here ya go…

(Nick needs a manager like ‘E’)

Scarlett Johansson for Vanity Fair
Scarlett Johansson for Vanity Fair