SZA @ Pitchfork Music Festival Day One 7.18.14

With the first official day of Pitchfork Music Festival kicking off this weekend, I knew I had to make a stop to check out my dream girl, SZA. Already moving in ranks (musically and in my heart), SZA puts on with her set on the Blue Stage.

Dressed to kill in a Leaders cut off tee with her signature curly hair, SZA charmed the crowd with her cute on stage confessionals and shows of affection. By the end of her first song, baby girl had the crowd swooning as she played favorites like Babylon and Child’s Play off her new album, Z. Vibing with the crowd as they smoked, danced, and bumped their heads to her tracks, SZA cheerfully saluted the crowd and threw it back with the track Ice.Moon off her first EP, See.Sza.Run. Another great EP that put SZA on the map. My personal favorite track from her set? Hands down it was Hiiijack. With taunting vocals and lines like…

I’m using everything I find/Do anything to keep you tied up/Tied up

My face literally turned to that little emoji with the heart eyes and kissy face. Sigh. With her vocals and happy-go-lucky, down to ride attitude, she already kicking this weekend off right. And as a teaser, SZA herself will be back Sunday at Pitchfork. Whaaaat?

Announcing that a special surprise may be in store Sunday, my fingers are crossed that she will make a special appearance with either Isaiah Rashad or Kendrick Lamar, both of whom were featured on her album, Z. Maybe she will surprise us all and bring both the homies on stage? Or drop a new track? A girl can only wish though. Until then, stay tuned and check out her tunes.