Pitchfork Music Festival Day Two 7.19.14

What’s good y’all? Second day at Pitchfork and Gowherehiphop still vibing out. With the second day being one of the most hyped days of the festival, I gotta roll through and check out Pusha T and Danny Brown at the Green Stage.

Pusha T’s Late Start:

Although the set was very much rushed due to time constraints, Pusha T is still one of the best in the game.

Set to start at 4:15 pm, the show was delayed for more than 30 minutes. Cause of the delay? DJ was ghost. Meh, it happens though. With the heat and the hint (nah, who I’m kidding everyone had their own funk) of sweat in the crowd, no one was having this delay. With frustrated chants and what seemed like eternity of waiting, Pusha T finally rolled through and threw down some tracks from his 2013 album, “My Name is My Name”. Dressed in a black Treated Bandana Tee (shout out to Stussy x Treated Tribe X Saint Alfred), Pusha T puts on a rushed set as he cuts and skips through some of his most powerful tracks and verses off his latest album. Although the set was very much rushed due to time constraints, Pusha T is still one of the best in the game. Even though his set really doesn’t live up to his musical caliber and was in truth a bit disappointing, Pusha T still has a lot of good things planned for 2014-2015. We still waiting for that King Push album, T!

Danny Brown Shuts Down Pitchfork:

Danny completely silences the crowd as he turns off the music and starts spitting 

My dude, Mr. Brown. Hands down Danny Brown knows how to give a performance. With high energy and a fit to kill, Danny Brown was definitely one of the highlights of the festival. Commanding the stage from start to finish, Danny had everyone in the crowd bumping, jumping, and water spraying before the third track. With tracks like 25 Bucks and Dip from his album, “Old”, reving up the audience, Danny completely silences the crowd as he goes trackless and starts spitting. Daaaaang. That’s whats up though. Even better? Danny takes a moment and shares the stage with his crew, who equally show the crowd that they can not only hang with the best but got the talent to hold their own. With a extended set (or so it seems in comparison to the previous set back of Pusha T’s perfomance), Danny Brown definitely lived up to the hype of Pitchfork day two. Rumor has it, Danny is roaming the festival during the later hours. So in case y’all missed him at his performance, hopefully y’all can catch him at the Ray Ban or the Beverage Tent.