Skylar Grey “American”

Skylar Grey debuts a new song, which she says is “not a patriotic song,” perhaps quelling any first impression given the song title “American”, in raw fashion by… well, just pressing record on the iPhone as its propped up to capture her, a piano, and a beautiful summer day.

I kinda like how there is zero production value in these videos I’m posting… welcome to my little world… a world where an iPhone a piano and some scenery is all I need to pass the time enjoyably. This isn’t a patriotic song even though its called “American.” Whether you’re republican or democrat or other, if you were born in America, you should be able to relate. We don’t have a choice where we are born and raised, and we can’t help the fact that some things are just engrained in us from a young age, just like all of the other cultures of the world have their own unique characteristics.

The song is beautiful as, to me, Skylar speaks about how we really all come from the same place, aligned with a united “we are one” perspective. What we are engrained with from a young age through our parents, friends, and environment certainly holds true to our formative growth, I think everyone would agree, and “American” is an excellent reminder of just that. To top it off, the piano is also lovely, especially the melody at the 1:20 mark and again at the end. One more subtle note: you can hear children playing faintly in the background at the end; I didn’t notice until the second listen. How fitting, right? Needless to say, press play above.

*Tibs Fav.

As you enjoy the song, perhaps I can divert your attention to a tweet from King James himself:


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