The origin of the high-five

Watch the 30 For 30 Short: “The High-Five” here

A new ESPN 30 For 30 Short debuted today and it was too good not to shed some light on it here. As the headline suggests, “The High Five” uncovers the uncommonly known story of how the simplest, most awesome celebration came about. The 1977 Dodgers invented the high-five as rookie Glenn Burke excitedly put his hand up to Dusty Baker after he hit his 30th home run of the season and… well, I’ll let Dusty describe it.

Interestingly enough, the documentary took an unexpected turn to this young baseball fan who was unaware of this story. Via Grantland:

From there, our short follows Burke’s story as he became a victim of bigotry and then a local hero for social change.

The short takes a serious turn and examines how different society was in the 70s. I’m glad to see the positives come out of it and I couldn’t help but feel for Burke, especially with how homosexual athletes don’t deal with the same bigotry as back then. Importantly as well, the doc does a great job highlighting the universal language a “high-five” has become and it’s amazing to see Burke’s invention unifying people today and for generations to come.

Watch the 30 For 30 Short: “The High-Five” here

So many great GIFs… and the best way to sum up LeBron’s return to Cleveland.