J. Ivy “Picture me rolling…”

“Picture me rolling.
Picture you holding your gifts on top of the world as you maneuver thru the maze,
The haze.
Each phase praised by the spirits you raise,
The smiles you create,
The misfortune you transform,
Hands on,
Hands down you hold the keys,
Unlock your joy,
That’s been imprisoned by the boxes life puts us in,
Get out,
Shout if you have to,
Be conscious of what energy has you,
Remember you have you to lean on,
That untapped strength that rest inside,
That passion you can’t always get outside,
Our lives keep on moving,
Cruising like the wind we breeze thru,
Don’t be afraid to be you,
Be brave,
Be free,
Be alive,
Find the road to your peace,
And ride…”

By J. Ivy ‪#‎linesonmymind‬

Today’s J. Ivy “photo poem” he frequently posts on his Instagram. He’s a must-follow on IG for these with this one featuring some icing on the cake for me personally as J is powerfully rockin’ our Gowhere Hat, which adds to the photo and concept of the piece above. I’m going to try and repost more of these from J. Ivy for the New Age section — keep in tune!

ICYMI: J. Ivy releasing new book ‘Dear Father: Breaking the Cycle of Pain’