Kobe: Be You with No Gimmicks

I caught wind of this new interview by Bloomberg News with the increasingly candid Kobe Bryant stemming from the news that he has an upcoming Showtime documentary coming out this November: Kobe Bryant’s Muse. In the interview above, Kobe talks about how he wants to inspire with the documentary and dishes out his advice to, really anyone. As the headline suggests, just be yourself. It’s a simple message, you’ve definitely heard it before, but the way Kobe speaks on it and serves as an example of it makes it carry more weight.

Another fun part of the interview: Kobe revealing he cold calls some of the world’s biggest names in business… for business advice. True Mamba striving to be the best by asking the best how they do what they do. Ha!

Q: You’ll pick up the phone and call people who are leaders in industry just pick their brain?
A: Exactly [laughs]. I just cold-call people. Absolutely. I just cold-call people and pick their brain about stuff. Some of the questions that I ask will seem really, really simple and stupid, quite honestly, to them. But if I don’t know, I don’t know and I have to ask. I’ll just do that; I’ll just ask questions. I want to learn more about how they built their business or how they run their companies, and how they see the world.
Q: So who are some of the people that you pick up the phone and call?
A: (laughs) We can just start in the Nike family – I cold-call [Nike CEO] Mark Parker all the time… [Apple VP of Design] Jony Ive, [“Just Do It” coiner and advertising executive] Dan Weiden, Oprah Winfrey, recently [The Huffington Post founder] Arianna Huffington. The list goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on – Hilary Swank (laughs) – it just goes on.