Reaction to Nicki Minaj Art work to “Anaconda”

Not too long ago, Nicki Minaj released her artwork for here upcoming “Anaconda” track. Although there are a good amount of people that are curious to find out how this track will sound, there are twice as many people that are speaking of the artwork, more than the track itself.

Multiple people we stopped and asked about their feelings toward her artwork and her music. You will not believe the answers that were given. Of course the guys gave some eye-popping answers and the ladies gave some funny answers themselves. Take a look at this comedic clip of people being ask about Nicki Minaj’s new “Anaconda” artwork. You might just laugh as hard as I did. This might just make you askyourself, are you just a fan of the picture, or are you one that will listen to the Nicki Minaj “Anaconda” track? Let us know how you feel.


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