Lollapalooza Drones [Video]

I’m glad this is a thing now. Drones capturing events from spots that helicopters dream of hovering over. I last posted on drones capturing 4th of July fireworks and this, well, I’m biased, but this is just as cool. Drones hovered over Grant Park in our hometown of Chicago, nabbing spectacular video of the festival from above. Even Skrillex noticed — though he did mistaken a drone for a UFO.

What do you guys think about our capture?

Lollapalooza Day 1 from above, as captured by #TeamGowhere
Lollapalooza Day 1 from above, as captured by #TeamGowhere

Unrelated (yet related): After watching the drone videos, one of the related videos was “Top 10 NBA All-Star Game Crossovers”. Of course I’m going to watch that. So why not you too?

FWIW, I think #2 > #1 — and that’s coming from someone whose favorite player is #1.

Oh, I’m not done. I feel like this is (somehow) a great segue into the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. Jeremy Lin putting his mom on the dunk cam. So for those counting at home, it only took 2 videos to get from Lollapalooza Drones to #JLinDunkCam. See how good I am at this?