Banks on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The upstart L.A. singer Banks stayed in her hometown yesterday to perform on the Jimmy Kimmel Live concert stage with her new album,Β Goddess about to release a month from now on September 9th. To most, like myself, this was the first time seeing Banks perform live and she didn’t disappoint with her flair and overall dark, all-black style that matches her visuals. In fact, I would say she killed it β€” especially with the build-up and ending of her current single I can’t get out of my rotation “Beggin For Thread”. She saved the high notes for last, which I was wondering why she was until it happened. Banks followed up “Beggin For Thread” with another cool performance β€” this one of “Waiting Game” that played Kimmel off last night and left me wanting to see the full thing, which we now can below. Great looks for Banks in her, to my knowledge, first national TV performance!

ICYMI: Banks “Beggin For Thread” [Music Video]