QuESt “Struggle Rapper” f/ Melat

QuESt continues his weekly releases en route to Searching Sylvan and “Struggle Rapper” also continues with the personal, storytelling theme of the project thus far. After winning a contest hosted by Jermaine Dupri, QuESt dives into his mindset at the lowest point of his career. It’s a never-ending stream of consciousness across a brooding beat by Wish Lade & 6ix. No hooks. Just the story. And I co-sign tracks like this if they’re well-executed like “Struggle Rapper” is. It’s hard not to feel engaged by the story and then rise to inspiration given QuESt’s momentum to break through as a rapper. I tried not to get caught up in the flow because I don’t think it was QuESt’s intention to fluidly ride with the beat the entire time. It’s all about the lyrics so lend a close ear below.

*Tibs Fav.

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