Jed Sed “Trivial Pursuit”

I admit – I’m a music snob. All the time, people are tellin’ me “listen to this,” “yo, listen to that” – and I usually give em the, “yeah… sure… whatever, man.” But every once in a while, someone plays a track that raises my left eyebrow and we play 20 questions – who is this, where they from, etc. Few feelings trump that when you discover something fresh – somethin’ that grabs your neck and rocks it back and forth, somethin’ that resonates with that internal library of dope cuts and leaves you wanting more. It’s a good feeling. And I’ve been riding this high for a few weeks now, since a homie exposed me to Jed Sed. A lyrically minded MC with chops that stand up to if not surpass most of those in the scene. You won’t hear any gunshots or auto tune on Trivial Pursuit – his latest project (produced by Montana Macks). Instead, you’ll find yourself in tune with a midwest confidence thats hard to come by these days, and worth appreciating. Jed’s sharp, yet laid-back flow spares all fillers, making the most of every down beat and snare tap. It’s some smoke up, slow down, listen close, summer shit. Now do yourself a favor, and do exactly that.