Lil Wayne “Sportscenter Freestyle” + First Take

Lil Wayne took over ESPN today, taking a small break from the Drake vs. Lil Wayne Tour to talk some sports… and OH, also freestyle over the SportsCenter theme. A true freestyle too — not long, only about 30 seconds, but pretty fresh given the context. Weezy raps about his attire, name-drops the teams he’s rooting for, and ends it all with a fresh, timely punchline. I’ll let it surprise you as it did me.

Wayne also joined Skip, Stephen A., and Cari Champion for a debate on First Take. This is always fun when they bring rappers (or Kevin Hart) on set to talk about the NBA and NFL. In the first video, Wayne makes some bold claims like calling Mario Chalmers “a beast” and Aaron Rodgers the best quarterback in the NFL. The talk continues about the Lakers and Drake & the Raptors in part 2. Enjoyable viewings for any sports fan who may have missed it this morning.

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