Raury on Sway in the Morning

Raury has taken the music world by storm in the past few weeks, with big-name co-sign piling up before and after the release of the stellar free project, Indigo Child. It continues this week in NYC as a promo run has begun and Raury chats with Sway for an extended amount of time, sharing his experiences and life philosophies along the way. Gotta appreciate where he’s comin’ from at least. I’m resonating with it and if you do too with the 18-year old ATLien above, then we got you covered below.

UPDATE: As I expected, Sway got ’em to do a freestyle. Raury picks OutKast’s “Elevators” to recite some quick rhymes that he delivered by talking sometimes too. I was really engaged with his thought-provoking questions to kick it off, recalling to mind Lupe’s “All Black Everything”. See if you vibe with it the same way below.

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