Tecmo Super Bowl 2015

Who else grew up on Tecmo Super Bowl?!

The iconic video game was the NFL staple before Madden as it featured a fantastic arcade and simulation mix in the early 90s. The game was revolutionary for a variety of reasons: adding to the legend of Bo Jackson with the literally unstoppable Virtual Bo (this video never gets old) and, for simulation geeks like me, allowing gamers to play actual seasons, complete with player injuries too.

Well, to my pleasant surprise, I can’t even remember how, but I stumbled upon Tecmo Super Bowl 2015 — a new computer version of the game with rosters updated to Monday and the ability to play this year’s season game-by-game, week-by-week. I was immediately enthralled by the nostalgic graphics, animations, and colors as I naturally started Week 1 with our hometown Bears vs. the Bills. If my Tecmo Super Bowl prowess is indicative of tomorrow’s game, we can expect a shootout where, of course, Chicago prevails.

Enjoy my Week 1 win in the slideshow above and download the game for yourself here — true to the old Nintendo/NES/Sega Genesis versions you all know and loved.