Banks “Fuck Em We Only Know”

Banks‘ official debut album, Goddess, drops this Tuesday and here goes a stream of one more preview to reel ya in: “Fuck Em We Only Know”. The album as a whole has a dark, cutting-edge production with Banks’ vocals booming over and the distinct lyrics to match. “Fuck Em We Only Know” was a cut that stood out and embodied the above qualities.

Banks brings this one in with an infectious, hypnotic melody that only amplifies when an added layer of synths combine with the chorus’ words. This is a song for the couple that no one believes in too, so perhaps you can relate. Listen below (*Tibs Fav.):

Some quick-hit first impressions of Goddess as a whole: it’s simply a great listen from beginning to end. Banks mixes in the above characteristics consistently in the album and drops some slower jams at the right moments. At 18 tracks total, the album does admittedly run a touch long, but the strongest stretch of tracks between 5-10 (singles “This Is What It Feels Like” through “Beggin For Thread”) are alone worth the full listen/purchase. Goddess is a great listen for lounging at night and even a good background sound for working on the computer, cleaning around the house, etc. Press play come Tuesday!