Logic “Under Pressure”

The title track new single for Logic‘s debut album is here. “Under Pressure” is a self-produced joint from the Def Jam signee and first off, Logic did right on the beat. The recurring, chopped up sample balances soulful and cutting-edge and will surely leave a resonating catchiness to any hip hop head. As for the rhymes, Logic’s distinct clarity is on full display as he seemingly doesn’t take a break between verse and hook onto the next verse. As the beat (nicely) switches, it doesn’t matter. The flow is fluid as lyrically, Logic touches on his come-up over the years and his work ethic, for a chorus that any fellow hard worker will resonate with. I wasn’t sure what to expect for Logic’s single and if he was going to go for a home run pop friendly record. Thankfully he didn’t, and it’s another good hip hop track to his catalogue. I’m noddin’ my head to this one…

*Tibs Fav.

Under Pressure — the album drops October 21st. Here’s the artwork, ICYMI.