AAHH! FEST: Donda’s House Showcase

Go hard or go home. Nothing short of a surprise as Kanye West’s nonprofit opens up AAHH! FEST, the most talked about concert this summer between Common’s Common Ground Foundation and Kanye’s own organization Donda’s House.

Led by the creative director of Donda’s House, Rhymefest and music legend, Common, the community showcase answered the many questions the media has been asking and buzzing about with this music event. “What Chicago got that is not violence?” “How can this concert save Chicago?” “Chicago hasn’t made anything original in years, what do they have to offer now?”

The answer? We’re still producing talent. Now, cue the awkward silence. 

Featuring a lineup of 25 artists representing every corner of the city, people from all sides of Chicago came to rep their neighborhood and all the talent this city is notorious for producing. From the tiny vocalists with huge voices, the enigmatic rappers, and the larger than life dancers, it was hard not to admire and give out love to all those who walked the stage. I mean, how many times will one witness three young vocalist sing in perfect harmony to Adele? Or rappers who have the caliber and insight to be the next Kendrick Lamar? Not too many.

Even Diggy Simmons even came through to Chicago to give kudos, commending the city for our overall talent while performing some of his hit tunes. Oh and making all the girls swoon in the 40 degree weather. You know, typical stuff. Yet nevertheless, not a bad compliment from the son of legendary hip hop artist Joseph Simmons aka Rev. Run of RUN DMC.

And with an influx of talent bordering all realms of the city, the creation of AHH! FEST and Donda’s House own individual efforts is exactly what Chicago has been yearning. Even with the show’s lengthy line up, cold morning weather, and occasional stage hiccups, the organization once again proves why Chicago still is the city to be. Don’t be surprised to see Donda’s House pop up once again. I foresee a great wave coming from the organization as they continue their stride to make Chicago even bigger and larger before.

As for AAHH! FEST, if you weren’t there well, I can’t say you didn’t miss out. Cause in all honesty, you REALLY did miss out. No worries though, coming straight from Rhymefest and Common, this event won’t be the last to come for the city of Chicago.

Diggy Simmons
Rhymefest & Common freestyling