Lance Stephenson “Hot N****”

Love him or hate him, this is Lance Stephenson. Don’t change, Born Ready.

Earlier this summer, Lance made some waves, not only for the Double Lance Cam but for his redux of “Hot N****” that featured some lines about missing the Indiana days before moving onto his new team, the Charlotte Hornets. As the weather stays summery across the most of the country, so does the relevance of “Hot N****” so it’s the perfect time for Lance to drop the music video above.

It features a custom Born Ready neon light tower, Lance in vintage Hornets gear (authentic LJ jersey, naturally), a cameo from new backcourt mate Kemba Walker, and a humorous convo with a random fan as police stopped traffic on the set. Plus, what I like about Lance is that he keeps it real and keeps it loyal as he celebrates with his hood and homies and gives us an unfiltered look at Lance. Just an entertaining video all the way around, and needless to say, I’m excited for Lance in Charlotte.